Who We Are

theNavigatorGroup is a federation of real world, seasoned, highly competent consultants and business executives. Our approach to business allows us to deliver high performance results to you without the high performance cost. We consult, design solutions and train on the selling process. theNavigatorGroup builds skills and competencies and creates sustaining system. Depending on your needs we offer services on an a la carte basis or as holistic integrated solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of theNavigatorGroup is to act as business navigators. Our practice is focused on improving performance and building sustaining systems to protect your investments. We do not provide generic, one size fits all offerings. Our approach is to work with you to define you needs then tailored solutions to your industry and your culture. We are masters at the “soft stuff” that enables the “hard stuff” to work. We provide guidance and direction to the destination that you have chosen. We promise that with our assistance, you will not lose your way and you will arrive at you destination on schedule and on budget.

Our Name

Our name, theNavigatorGroup, was inspired by the critical role a navigator assumes. Whether on land, in the air or on the seas, the navigator charts the best course to the destination and is charged with the responsibility of avoiding obstacles and adjusting to unanticipated changes. The navigator does not set the destination, but focuses on successfully arriving there. The job of the navigator is to keep the ship on course, using all available navigation aids.